CAS Number Name
This substance has an overall structural similarity to the substances below which are all found on the SIN List. Hence, this substance is likely to share the hazardous properties of the SIN substances below. However it does not belong to any SIN Groups as defined in the SIN List. Please note that SINimilarity builds on structural similarity only. To verify potential hazardous properties, further evaluation is needed.

Matching SIN groups

No matching SIN groups found

Matching SIN substances

CAS Number Chemical name SIN group
7446-27-7 Trilead bis(orthophosphate) Lead compounds
14332-34-4 nickel hydrogen phosphate Nickel compounds
18718-11-1 nickel bis(dihydrogen phosphate) Nickel compounds
10381-36-9 trinickel bis(orthophosphate) Nickel compounds
17169-61-8 phosphoric acid, calcium nickel salt Nickel compounds
68130-36-9 molybdenum nickel hydroxide oxide phosphate Nickel compounds
14507-36-9 nickel bis(phosphinate) Nickel compounds
36026-88-7 nickel phosphinate Nickel compounds

Chemical composition